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Muscle Gain

For those who want to focus on getting stronger and building more muscle the Luminary strength program is worth taking a look.

This program is structured to include all the primary compound strength movements (presses, squats, deadlifts), several accessory/bodybuilding movements, and periodic conditioning sprinkled in every couple of days.

Not just for men who are looking to pack on some more muscle, this program is actually perfect for ladies who want to build that lean toned muscle look.

Unfortunately women often get nervous when we start talking about gaining muscle. Those words invoke images of bodybuilders with muscle stacked upon muscle, which most women are not interested in. This is not what we’re going for and ladies need not worry unless they are injecting themselves with testosterone.

Women, and even most men, don’t produce enough hormones naturally to look like those who compete in the highest levels of bodybuilding competitions.

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